Welcome to The Art of Photography - a place where life's moments are captured as pieces of art to last a lifetime! Enjoy our passion!


Michelle, the artist behind The Art of Photography Studio, has had a love and passion for photography throughout her life. With 12 years of experience, she has created a studio with the ability to cater to just about every client's needs. Michelle, a mother to four children ranging in age from a 27 year old to a 9 year old, has a love of photographing people and pets and has focused her career on portraiture.


Michelle is an award winning, highly published photographer with images that have been featured in magazines all over the world.  She is skilled in all types of artistic portraiture. 


An artist creates a masterpiece to evoke emotion in the hearts of his followers. No matter the medium - a pen and paper, a canvas and paint or a camera and lens, the end result has the ability to make a person feel incredible things. At The Art of Photography our goal is to paint your life with our lens - to capture a memory with meaning for a life time. Anyone can take a picture. We create ART! Let your life be our canvas!